Meet Rebecca

Hi there, I’m Rebecca

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. 

Nothing inspires me more than supporting women to reclaim their lives. Except perhaps magic of reclaiming my own. Trading in the ‘old way’ of people pleasing, overwhelm, & perfectionism in favour of more pleasure, better relationships and the freedom to create the life you want.

I found my way here through a jungle of anxiety, overthinking, self-judgement and the constant need to achieve, achieve, achieve. When I began my journey of personal development I became determined to ‘better myself’. I analysed, obsessed, set ridiculous standards, micromanaged my relationships…and gradually I realised that I was robbing myself of the very joy and fulfilment I was seeking.

I realised that constantly striving for some future ideal was disconnecting me from my essence and my true power. My goals and dreams felt heavy, instead of inspiring. Something had to change. 

I needed to let go of the need to control everything. Of the nagging self-doubt. Of the frantic scramble to reach the finish line. I realised that by arriving fully in my Self and my Wholeness – I could access the flow of life. From this space, I could achieve MORE, create from the heart and deepen my Self Knowledge from a place of already being Enough.

By reclaiming my self worth and my trust in Life – I found Home. The abundant flow of Love available to us all. It’s our birthright – and it has the power to liberate us from fear and connect us with the deep sense of safety and security that we crave.

When we Arrive, we can create our lives ecstatically. We can let go of lack and fear and find a deep sense of flow. We can ditch the draining weight of obligation, guilt and shame – and land in the centre of our own lives…and in doing so, we give permission to those around us to do the same.

Life is hard enough without sharing a body with your own worst critic. It’s time to truly Arrive – and start creating a life of Love, bliss and flow.

Shall we begin?

Rebecca​ xo