Love & Gratitude

Bec is a charismatic, enthusiastic bundle of energy! She radiates enormous light and love for all who cross her path.
Having had the privilege to experience Bec’s work and share in her wisdom and teachings, my journey has begun to take on new meanings. Through Bec’s profound genuine warmth and openness, she is able to hold a safe and sacred space for personal transformation to take place. Her strength and compassion is unwavering. She is a beautiful soul, mother, teacher, healer and a pillar of light.


Had a truly amazing energy healing session with Bec yesterday, I feel so much lighter and more positive, she has helped me tremendously, thankyou Bec, you have a wonderful gift.


My intuitive reading with Bec was at a make or break point in my families lives. The reading was so clear, so moving & so true. It gave me peace in my heart & mind with the motivation & self belief move forward in the best possible direction, our lives completely changed from that night on & I could never thank Bec enough. Genuine, honest, nurturing, passionate & talented woman who I know will be apart of our journey always.


Beautiful Bec, I have been doing so well, I feel for the first time in my life like I can feel my solar plexus. I have been feeling that blockage for many years and since that guided shift I have had loss of appetite but I'm feeling strong. I had been to my naturopath last week talking to her about this gagging response that sweeps over me with hot flush and nausea. Since the healing with you I have not had an episode like that and I used to experience that 5 or 6 times a day. I feel stronger in my boundaries and I have been faced with some amazing transitions and I just can't wait. Life feels so great right now. I feel light and so happy. Clear headed and much more conscious xxx
I am so grateful xx


I am feeling great benefit Bec, from the reading you gave me on Career/work/service. I found that having this type of reading was so paramount to seeing the "Big Picture" in this area of my life. Often times I feel like i am missing a few ingredients to find the balance, being so close to the details. You have a natural ability to convey the information in an enthusiastic and beautifully compassionate manner, which I found reassuring and extremely insightful. I feel as though the veil has been lifted and I can see clearly the direction of movement I choose to take which will bring the desired outcome.


I had an astrology reading done by Bec and it was amazing! So thorough, delivered with compassion, and it really supported and encouraged me to move in a direction I had been considering, but was a bit scared to do (and Bec knew none of this). It was my first full astrology reading ever and I highly recommend Bec and The Heart Garden. Thanks so much.


Thankyou so so very much for your time and sharing your amazing knowledge, talent and love with me Bec! It was incredibly insightful and I feel very at peace and grounded afterwards. AND SO excited for what lays ahead!! You're such a gem! Love your work! I feel so much happiness from you! Its beautifully infectious.


I saw Bec for an energy healing session after a very challenging experience. Bec listened intently to my story and picked out 3 main issues which were all hitting home! I had no idea what to expect but Bec held a safe space and assisted me to explore my visualization as she guided and shifted the energy. I felt totally grounded when I left and that I was no longer in survival mode about the issue. Weeks later when I saw my kinesiologist, we checked to see if there was an residual stress about the issue but there was nothing! I felt safe, loved and supported and I will be popping by the Heart Garden again!!


Rebecca is warm, kind and so so loving that I felt instantly calm. Bec's empathy and gentle voice guided me to understanding my inner world so much more and in such a short amount of time. She also gave me practical, useful and real life strategies to add to my toolbox. There is much more work to be done, and I'm looking forward to continuing our sessions!"